About Us

Hyperactivefit was born in the majestic green mountains, deep blue ocean and coarse black sand that is the beauty of Guatemala. Established in 2017 to bring your active training and lifestyle the vivid, stimulating, and functional activewear that you deserve with unique designs for Women and Men.

Our Motivation:

We believe being hyperactive is the key to longevity and happiness. We believe Hyperactivefit clothing helps to further develop that extra energy into power and inspiration.

Our Story:

We were bored of the same old clothing, same colors, and same brands. Our founder, fashion and textile designer Cecilia Prahl, embarked on a new journey, creating Hyperactivefit.

Our Promise:

Hyperactivefit clothing will always have bright colors, abstract prints, versatile shapes and styles, with exceptional comfort. Customer service will always be exceptional. Quality will always be perfect.